Online chemistry tutoring programs
for students who want to
Ace IGCSE, IB DP and AP Chemistry

Online chemistry tutoring programs for students who want to Ace IGCSE, IB DP and AP Chemistry


After struggling with chemistry during high school, I've got passionate about it and went all in: BS and MS in chemistry with 4.0 GPA, and then also Ph.D. in chemistry.

I've been teaching and tutoring only chemistry for 28 years at high school and college-level and so got to master and teach this difficult subject across different curricula.

I know how to best study chemistry, solve complicated problems, and prepare for exams. This solid mastery of chemistry powers my lessons and tutoring and makes my students confident & ace their classes and exams.


In my almost 28 years of classroom teaching and private tutoring, I’ve seen thousands of struggling students and helped them succeed.

I’ve refined and distilled this experience and teaching expertise in my own method: the FAST, easy, and fun way of getting students to master chemistry, love it, and make it their favorite subject.

My students say my step-by-step no-fluff ACE Method helps them save precious time, ditch information overload, focus on the right things, and learn better, faster, and easier. 


Wasting time with no- or little results is a killer for busy high-school students.

My ACE Method helps students acquire not only solid chemistry knowledge but also top learning skills that help reduce study time and maximize results. This way students progress and boost their grades fast, build confidence, and ACE their classes and exams.

These top knowledge and skills accompany students for the rest of their lives and help them succeed in other school subjects and thrive later on in Pre-med and STEM majors and access the medical careers of their dreams. 

Is your teen one of millions of students

  • Frustrated by not understanding chemistry from school and struggling to work problems?
  • Getting As in the other subjects but chemistry is the only subject they cannot get the grasp of?
  • Stressed and without confidence, earning poor grades, and worrying about passing this class?
  • Tired and overwhelmed, searching the internet and not seeing an improvement?
  • Passing the class but not getting the A's they need to get into Pre-med or top colleges?
  • Done wasting time memorizing with no results but just poor grades that lower their GPA and cancel their chances to get into a top college or university?
  • Wanting to ditch all the stress and overwhelm? Want to get all questions answered, BOOST their grades, and finally ACE their chemistry classes and exams with confidence?
Yes 😢 How can I help my teen do better?

Hi! I'm Dr. Cristina Gherasim and I help high school students learn chemistry FAST so that they BOOST their grades and ACE exams with confidence

I'm happy to guide your teen towards ACING their chemistry classes and exams with my ACE Method, and with permanent support and feedback within my ACE CHEMISTRY ACCELERATOR Program.

Are you done trying to figure it out alone? Of course, you are.
Want your teens to finally ACE chemistry? You are in the right place for it.
Do you want them to learn fast and with pleasure from the comfort of your home? Without driving and losing hours to make no progress finally? Yes, sure!

I'll show you how your child can ditch the stress and overwhelm and finally ACE CHEMISTRY with EASE.


Your teens stop losing time and money with YouTube videos and poor tutoring which leave them with the same poor grades, and instead get your teen BOOST their grades in chemistry with my ACE METHOD.

Your teens will stop being overwhelmed and stressed and be confident and happy in class and at home.

They finally achieve the top grades in their chemistry class they are capable of, and secure a good GPA for college. They ACE their exams with confidence and get accepted into the Pre-med or STEM programs of their dreams.

Join the ACE CHEMISTRY ACCELERATOR program and get your teens the chance to finally ENJOY learning chemistry using my ACE Method, make it their best subject, and reach their full potential.

Let's make it happen.



This is how we get there...

Because NO STRESS, increasing CONFIDENCE, BOOSTING grades, and ACING exams need targeted and EFFECTIVE teaching and exercising.

Say GOODBYE to D.I.Y., free online resources and YouTube videos your child is wasting their time WITHOUT MAKING ANY PROGRESS.

Get Results With HANDS-ON Support Tailored to Your Teen's Learning Needs and Goals!

Start Mastering Chemistry Today with my NO FLUFF Step-By-Step ACE Method developed and tested in over 28 years of teaching and tutoring chemistry and only chemistry.

Here is how I can help your teens ACE their US Regular/Honors, AP Chemistry and Organic Chemistry & International IGCSE (Edexcel & CAIE) and IB DP Chemistry classes and exams:


US Highschoolers start here

Online Tutoring Programs for US Regular/ Honors and AP Chemistry

Does your child struggle to understand chemistry from their school teacher?

Are they stressed out because no matter how hard they work they cannot get those A's?

Do they need top grades in their High School and AP Chemistry classes to boost their GPA for college?

But right now, they are left behind




Online Tutoring Classes for IGCSE and IB Chemistry

Are you a parent looking for expert help with IGCSE or IB chemistry for your teen?

Do you want your child to enjoy learning chemistry and earn top grades so they can get accepted into Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, or Veterinary?

I've been teaching and tutoring chemistry for over 28 years and helped thousands of students ACE chemistry and thrive in medicine and


Other Subjects Tutoring

Get Expert Help To Ace STEM Subjects

Are you looking for help with other STEM subjects for your teen?

Our fully qualified teachers with 5+ years of experience in helping students achieve remarkable results in their subject of expertise can help your teen achieve top grades in all STEM subjects.

Each tutor plays to their strengths by teaching engaging

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Maya A. (IGCSE student, Spain)

I take chemistry for IGCSE and I will be doing my exams in May and in June. I have started off with chemistry with a very rocky start due to the fact that I was not understanding some of the logical concepts. I searched for help as I felt really hopeless in my classes. I was not understanding anything. My exam grades were not good either. And I think this is the story for a lot of students as well. I struggled a lot to revise for chemistry. I felt like I did not understand anything I was even reading. But then, thankfully, I started doing tutoring in chemistry with Miss Cristina, and this brought some light to my understanding in chemistry. I started with 4s and 5 five, really bad grades, and in my last mock exam, my official mock, I managed to get a level 7 seven, but only through tireless work and pages and pages of exercises and lots of explications for each and every concept, which I found very, very helpful as well.

Biana Z. (Pre-med student, US)

I was taking Organic Chemistry 1 this semester and I was retaking it actually because I took it last year and it was like a big struggle for me. And this semester was still a lot of work, but I did much better and I got an A in the final course and put in a lot of work and time and it was very worth it. It was very helpful to do a lot of practice and to really work through questions until I understood everything. And I thought it was a big help to work with you. It is a very good feeling now and makes me feel like it was all worth it and worth all the work that I put in, very happy about it. Thank you!

Sereena K. (AP Chemistry, US)

(Sereena) On my first AP chem test, I actually failed it, and I got a little panicky during the tests. But then when I met you, you made it a lot better because I had more resources to practice with. And then you had all these colorful slides that I could learn with because I am a visual learner, so that helped me learn a lot better than just, like, my teachers boring lectures. (Sereena’s mom) And I am so glad that we started this, because after a few classes, I could see that she was getting less nervous about chemistry. She always looked forward to having a class with you because you gave her all the strategies. So when she went for the other tests, it was so much easier. And from failing a class, she went to straight A. So that was a great journey, and thanks to you.

Melissa Z. (IB DP Chemistry HL, Bangkok, Thailand)

I started working with you in November and that time I had a 4 at that point I was doing IB Chemistry HL. I think my issue at that moment was that in class, I could not really understand what my teacher was saying. So to have your class afterward, which summarizes the whole lesson, really helps. As well as the homework, the practice. Now my most recent is a 7. I feel like the most helpful thing from our lessons is theories. Because chemistry is not just calculations, it is all about theories, because theories come in hand with calculations as well…And to have you directly telling me what exactly you need to know and how you should say it is definitely really helpful.

Tanya Q. (New York, US)

He usually did not struggle with math or science, but with chemistry, he had a struggle so his grade average was dropping. He usually is able to maintain 90s in science, and he had now dropped down into the 70s. And then we started with you. And when we started, you started to break down the chemistry with him. From the beginning, and he quickly picked up and his grades went right back up until the 90s. After just a few tests. For other parents who had their children in this situation, I did refer them to you. You know, I recommended that they take your tutoring. Because a lot of help is good, it is a good thing. And we thank you! It is a pleasure to work with you as well. We very much appreciate all that you do. So thank you!

Lorena G. (New York, US)

Eric has always been a good student..So I was feeling frustrated because he was struggling with just one subject, which is chemistry. He was struggling. That was his only low grade, I think, 50 %. He was failing, definitely failing, failing the class. And that does impact his entire cumulative GPA. Eric has been now with you tutoring in chemistry for a couple of months. And so far we have seen amazing results! He started getting 80s and now he is getting 90s in his exams and his tests, and he understands the concepts. That is making me very happy because he is starting to grasp what chemistry is and all the different concepts which are complex. Thank you, Cristina! Thank you!

Anaya C. (IGCSE student, New Delhi, India)

I am Anaya, I am a year 11 student this year taking my final IGCSEs. I joined tutoring from Ms. Cristina last year, because obviously, we were heading towards our final exams and chemistry was getting a bit like, it was hard to learn myself and I needed help to get to that A*. And it is obviously helped me a lot and I am working at an A* right now. Thanks to Miss Cristina. Thank you, Miss! You really helped me enjoy chemistry!

Sulma A. (New York, US)

She was struggling greatly. And from 65-67% that she got the first semester in school, barely passing at this, last week, she received her grades and are like 88-89 % in chemistry, and she is able to understand it! She was screaming out of her room: Mom, I have got 88!!! So she was excited. She was so happy!

Esmy L. (US)

I highly recommend Dr. Cristina. Cristina is currently tutoring my 16-year-old son twice a week. We live in the United States, and she tutors him over Zoom. My son is homeschooled and Cristina develops all the weekly lessons for his Chemistry lesson. She not only develops the lessons but also grades and sends weekly emails detailing how my son is performing in the Zoom class and in his homework [….] Even more, she inspires my son to consider careers that will utilize the skills he is learning in chemistry. Because Cristina connects chemistry to every day life, this makes the learning of chemistry less intimidating. Cristina is approachable, passionate, and professional. In my son words, she is "cool, smart, and loves what she does". If you are looking for a chemistry tutor to provide a full chemistry program for you, Cristina is well-equipped to do just that. Similarly, if you are seeking support for your child as he or she takes a high school chemistry course or an Introductory College Chemistry course, Cristina has the necessary credentials and experience to help your child feel confident and achieve some success in chemistry.

This could be your teen

A.J. (New York, US)

At the beginning of the school year chemistry was kind of scary for me. When I started I was getting like 60s and 65s on my tests. I could not figure out a way to like pull my grades up. I was not proud of it because science was one of my higher grades until this year when it was just terrible. So I knew I had to do something. So since starting tutoring, my grades have progressively gone up. I went from like 60s to now getting 80s and 85s on my tests. And sometimes 90s. I am actually proud of myself now, like even besides getting good grades, I actually understand and I am able to answer questions in class. I feel very confident, like doing my homework and just knowing that I can understand the concepts and just get through it pretty quickly helps me in class too. I am very confident. I like answering questions and I like being engaged in class. So tutoring has helped me a lot.

Eric L. (New York, US)

In the beginning of this year, I was doing horribly bad. I was not doing good. I was failing. I was at 44. But now my averages are 90 and I could still do better, but I am doing great.

Yuvraj G. (IGCSE & IB DP, Dubai, UAE)

During the exam, when I went into the exam, I saw the paper and I was like: okay, I know this! I was not stressed at all about the paper. Like when I went to the exam we had so much practice, I think we probably did almost all the past papers we were able to do towards the end. So I was so confident when I went to the exam, I knew what I wanted. And it was like all the answers were coming to my head and I just had to jot them down. [...] And especially because this year the exam papers were different than the previous years. But because of the fact that we had practiced so many papers, other than our syllabus as well, we did so many textbook exercises it helped us. They were not the regular pattern of the exam papers and that was actually very helpful, especially for chemistry. Thank you so much to you and all your teachers Miss!

Lorena B. (New York, US)

When I started (the chemistry class), my grades were bad. I was failing, I think I had like a 59, and I was very upset and I did not have a lot of confidence in myself. So then after we started working, my grades started going up and I got more confident in the classroom and I started answering questions, and just kind of gaining more confidence in myself. So, yeah. And now I just took my final and I got a 92 on it.