Online chemistry tutoring, classes and exam preparation for high schoolers given by Dr. Cristina Gherasim

Helping students to ace chemistry and follow their dreams

So nice to meet you!

I'm Dr. Cristina and I’m here to help you learn chemistry fast by unleashing your capacity for exploring and actually enjoying chemistry. My ACE CHEM No-Fluff Step-by-Step Method helps you unlock your potential to master chemistry like a boss and ace your exams.

I simply love chemistry and want to show you how to go from struggling with understanding chemistry at school to solving real problems, becoming a chemistry teacher or - virtual “drum-roll” - earn your PhD in chemistry just like I did!

Let me tell you a secret - spending sleepless nights learning chemistry doesn’t work. And here’s what most school teachers get wrong: They think that it’s only the hard work that gets you the results. 

But it’s not that! It’s about being curious and building strong foundations that make it super easy for you to explore and it takes specific learning techniques that enable you to successfully learn chemistry.

Imagine - being able to learn fast and efficiently without sleepless nights and painful memorizing that gets you nowhere.”

More so, if you want to boost your grades, replace stress with confidence and ace chemistry like your class nerd. 😉

Do your chemistry grades suck and you worry about your tests and exams?

Then let me show you. There are a few things that I’ve learned (and that I’m going to share with you!!) during my over 20 years of teaching ONLY chemistry (yes - total focus on what I love teaching!) to thousands of students like you or your child. 

Learning chemistry is about loving to learn chemistry and learning it fast so that you can enjoy the process. 

And that’s why I have created the ACE CHEM step-by-step method that builds your knowledge, unleashes the chemist in you, and makes you confident in class and exams and free to follow your dreams.


The only chemistry program you’ll ever need



School classes, books, videos on the Internet got you going for a while.

But now they seem to don’t work anymore ☹ The teacher’s explanations make no more sense, you cannot solve problems, do your homework and you start getting poor grades.

50 browser tabs are opened and you stay up long hours reading and binge-watching a mashup of videos that go nowhere.

You’re just stressed, tired and overwhelmed...while fighting for every lesson and exercise, scared and worried about the coming test and you cannot sleep while thinking of the final exam.

There's a better way...

25 years ago I’ve graduated the University and started my teaching career.

I’ve been teaching chemistry and only chemistry to thousands of high-school and college students. Carefully noticing where students struggle and what's working and what's not working for them, I've refined my teaching methods year after year.

I've tutored hundreds of private students like you and helped them to ace their exams and follow their dreams.

Based on decades of teaching and tutoring, my ACE CHEM Method helps students learn chemistry fast and with pleasure. They become confident, stress-free and top equipped for their exams and for chemistry-related university studies (chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, chemical engineering).

I've been myself a top student and during my teaching and tutoring career, I've specialized in helping my students achieve EXCELLENCE too.

Yes. My students do not just end up getting passing grades but they go from failing to top grades and being fully prepared for pre-med and STEM majors. 🏆

Ace Chemistry Tutoring was born from my dream of making you happy, confident, and able to reach your potential in chemistry.

This stands for both outstanding knowledge to ACE your class and exams and also for acquiring TOP LEARNING SKILLS to help you the whole life and make you able to thrive into pre-med and STEM colleges and fulfill all your dreams.

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