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🧪 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry

LIVE CLASS for Pre-med and STEM majors college freshman
By: Cristina Gherasim

Is your child a college freshman enrolled in Pre-med, biology, and biomedical studies in college?

Or are you (or your teen) a college student struggling with organic chemistry courses that are incomprehensible and too advanced?

You might have heard that Organic Chemistry courses in college are the ones pre-med or science students struggle with the most. This results in them failing Organic Chemistry classes or barely passing. This way pre-med students often re-take Organic Chemistry or drop of college because of this subject.

All these happen because Organic Chemistry isn't taught in High School in the US so students enter college with actually no knowledge and with no understanding of the fundamentals of organic chemistry.

And NO, those few lessons on organic chemistry some teachers are doing at the end of the high school chemistry class don't even scratch the surface, so they don't count as organic chemistry knowledge :-)

That's why I've created this course that is the vital "prerequisite" to master before taking ANY college-level organic chemistry course or considering heading towards pre-med studies and MCAT exams.

This course gives your child the fundamental organic chemistry knowledge that will accompany and help you throughout their whole life, help them ACE advanced chemistry college courses, and succeed in their dream Pre-med and STEM Majors.

Are you done watching your child wasting a lot of time searching the internet for explanations and videos that don't help much?

Do you want your child to be prepared for the advanced & fast-paced college-level Organic Chemistry courses?

Do you want them to MASTER Organic Chemistry so that they can thrive through Pre-Med or STEM Majors?

Then this class is exactly what you need!

Enroll your child in this LIVE ONLINE CLASS and see them learning Organic Chemistry FAST and WITH EASE!

I'm an experienced teacher with a powerful ACE CHEM Method I've developed in over 28 years of classroom teaching and tutoring chemistry and only chemistry.

I've seen thousands of high schoolers just like your child struggling with chemistry and I've helped them succeed and make it their best subject.

That's because my ACE CHEM Method makes students finally understand chemistry and build powerful learning skills so they can learn with pleasure on a solid foundation, get top grades and build confidence!!

AP Chemistry or at least Regular High School Chemistry is required as a pre-requisite for this class.

Enroll your child until August, 31st, and start building a solid foundation for Organic Chemistry so that they can thrive through Pre-med and STEM majors!

Apply now!

Cristina Gherasim

My name is Dr. Cristina Gherasim, and I’m here to help you learn chemistry fast by unleashing your capacity for exploring and actually enjoying chemistry. My step-by-step method helps you unlock your potential to master chemistry like a boss and ace your exams.