Online chemistry tutoring, classes and exam preparation for high schoolers given by Dr. Cristina Gherasim

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Online Live Classes for US & British High School Chemistry Curriculums

Are you a homeschooler who wants to outsource the teaching of high school chemistry to a certified pro?

Do you want to make sure your child learns the right way and achieves the top level required for Pre-med or STEM majors?

I've been teaching and tutored chemistry for over 28 years and got my students to ace chemistry and thrive in med school and engineering colleges.

I can help your child learn chemistry fast and build strong study skills with the clear and no-fluff ACE CHEM Method I've developed in all these years. My classes and programs are HANDS-OFF for parents so they can reclaim this time for themself and their families.

Get your child to study chemistry from the comfort of your home, at a time that fits their schedule, and with my continuous feedback, accountability, and professional evaluation.

NO CURRICULUM is required as I make available my own curriculum, online platform, and learning materials to my students.

The lessons are LIVE so your children can ASK ALL THEIR QUESTIONS and learn and exercise with my FULL GUIDANCE guidance and receive IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK.

This way they'll build confidence and enjoy the learning as they feel they're doing great work and receive grades for their assignments and test. For parents, this translates into lots of free time, no stress thinking they have to teach or help, amazing peace of mind, and always be informed and up to date with the child's level and progress towards their goals.

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🎓 Ace High School Chemistry

LIVE Classes for homeschooled students following US curriculums (Regular Chemistry, AP & CLEP Chemistry) with Exam Prep (AP, CLEP)

Are you a homeschool parent who doesn't feel confident about teaching complex High School Chemistry?

Do you struggle to find time and energy to prepare lessons and help your teen work on exercises? 

Do you worry this takes lots of time for both you and your child and you might even be teaching him wrong?

Are you done searching the Internet and asking around for chemistry curriculums you don't know will prepare your teen properly?  

Or have you already wasted money on curriculums


🧪 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry

LIVE CLASS for in-school and homeschooled US high schoolers

Is your child a high school student considering Pre-med, biology, and biomedical studies in college?

Then you might have heard that Organic Chemistry courses in college are the ones pre-med or science students struggle with the most. This results in them failing Organic Chemistry classes or barely passing. This way pre-med students often re-take Organic Chemistry or drop of college because of this subject.

All these happen because Organic Chemistry isn't taught in High School in


⚗️ Ace IGCSE and O-Level Chemistry

LIVE CLASSES for homeschooled students following British International curriculums (IGCSE, O-Level Chemistry) with Exam Prep

Are you a homeschool parent who struggles to find time and energy to prepare lessons and help your teen learning complex High School Chemistry?

Do you also don't feel confident about teaching this complex High School subject? Do you worry this would take lots of time for both you and your child and you might even teach him wrong?

Are you already busy and want to outsource the teaching of chemistry to a certified pro who can teach your child all the difficult chemistry concepts