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By: Dr. Cristina Gherasim

Does your teen need an 6 or a 7 in IB Chemistry so they can get admitted into a top university to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or veterinary?

But right now they struggle in their IB Chemistry class? Are they stressed and overwhelmed by the huge amount of content and exercises?

Are they almost giving up on their dream to become a doctor or a vet because of being stuck at low grades?

Then this class is exactly what they need to LEVEL-UP and ACE IB Chemistry!

This class is the fast path to MASTERING IB Chemistry that brings your teens clarity and confidence and helps them ACE the exam without reading lots of chemistry books and without painful memorizing.

Let's do it together with my stress-free 28+ years tested ACE method that takes the guesswork out of your teens" learning and saves time in their busy schedule.

Do you want your teens TOP PREPARED for the IB Chemistry Exam next summer? Do you want them to get confident and stress-free on the exam day and ACE THE EXAM?

Register your teens for this LEARN & DO program so that they revise the whole IB Chemistry with a PRO and get top prepared and ready to ACE the exam!  

This HANDS-ON revision class will get your teens the chance to:

  • Learn challenging chemistry concepts fast and effectively in my short LIVE LESSONS containing clear and no-fluff explanations
  • Practice what they learn with carefully chosen exercises so that they master and apply the concepts
  • Get all questions answered so that they understand everything and learn further on a solid foundation
  • Test their knowledge with assignments, quizzes, and graded tests 
  • Train on the exam techniques by solving together past exam papers so getting confident in their knowledge and look forward to a stress-free exam day

Enroll your teen now so they can master IB Chemistry, boost their grades, and ACE their IB Chemistry exam with confidence!  

Apply now!

Dr. Cristina Gherasim


My name is Dr. Cristina Gherasim, and I’m here to help you learn chemistry fast by unleashing your capacity for exploring and actually enjoying chemistry. My step-by-step method helps you unlock your potential to master chemistry like a boss and ace your exams.