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By: Dr. Cristina Gherasim

Is your teen one of many students who struggle to get A's in their AP chemistry class? If so, chances are they have knowledge gaps, so they will do even worse in this college-level class as more content is added daily.

Are you an ambitious parent who wants to give his teen the best chance for Pre-med and STEM Majors by getting them score A's in AP Chemistry?

Do you want your teens to ACE the AP Chemistry class and Exam, to boost their GPA and get college credits?

Do you want your teen to be top-prepared for the fast-paced college-level chemistry courses?

Then you are in the right place to make it happen!

This program has helped students just like your teen go from failing AP Chemistry tests to finishing their class with an A and getting 4's or a 5's in their AP Chemistry exam and get college credits during high school. 

Ready to ditch the stress and the overwhelm, and finally fast-track your teen's learning goals with a pro? 

Enroll your teen in the ACE CHEMISTRY ACCELERATOR Program so they get EXPERT "hands-on" help, build solid chemistry knowledge and exercise skills with VIP support, so they can achieve the top scores they deserve in their AP Chemistry class and on their AP Chemistry exam.

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Dr. Cristina Gherasim


My name is Dr. Cristina Gherasim, and I’m here to help you learn chemistry fast by unleashing your capacity for exploring and actually enjoying chemistry. My step-by-step method helps you unlock your potential to master chemistry like a boss and ace your exams.