Online chemistry tutoring, classes and exam preparation for high schoolers given by Dr. Cristina Gherasim


Online 1-on-1 & group tutoring

Does COVID-19 make learning difficult for your teens? Do they need help with school homework and test prep?

Are you done worrying about how your teen is doing in chemistry?

Are you tired of searching and asking around for books, curriculums, and videos you don't know will help your teen prepare for the class and exams properly?

Ready to ditch the information overwhelm, reclaim your time as a busy parent, and finally fast track your teen's learning goals with a pro? 

Get your "done for you" program and help your teen build rock-solid chemistry knowledge and learning skills with VIP support!

It's time to level up, boss mom! Because university graduates don't start from scratch.

Get a personalized study path for your child's curriculum (US High School Chemistry / Honors Chemistry / AP Chemistry) so that he learns effectively and achieves his goals on time.

Get personalized instruction and all questions answered during 1-on-1 or group tutoring sessions so that your child understands everything and starts learning on a solid foundation. 

Group tutoring is available for students following the same curricula and on a similar level. Bring a few colleagues to learn together and enjoy the same results as of 1-on-1 tutoring for a smaller price!!

Homework and assignments are reviewed by me so that your child gets feedback and fast intervention and so he can stay on track and learn with pleasure.

Parents have permanent access to the tutoring portal and are kept up to date with their child's progress and results. No more worry and stress, just reach out to me and ask anytime and any questions you might have as a parent!


Tutoring options and steps to start out


Attention Students & Parents!

Hi, I’m Dr. Cristina from ACE CHEMISTRY TUTORING. Now that most schools are closed and learning has moved online for the rest of the year, I'm committed to doing everything to support you and your family through the educational impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

My online tutoring and exam revision programs incorporate live lessons, virtual interactive whiteboards and screen sharing, homework, assignments, and tests so that the sessions are engaging, pleasant, and effective. Together with using my effective ACE CHEM Method, these results in fast and efficient sessions to help ensure your teens are back on track and turn the failure into top grades in their chemistry class and exams.

Get in touch for a free consultation to get you started. I can help!